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Season's Greetings

Dear Mustard Lovers, I was going to send you all a Christmas card and a Tunnocks, but I never got round to it. Will you forgive me and accept a seasonal message and a dotty video on my Facebook page instead? I hope you've had a good year. So many sad bad things are happening in the world but I try to focus on the good things, things I can do something about and things I can create and make happen. I've had my ups and downs but I know I'm one of the lucky ones and I hope you...

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Little Mustard Shop #2

Dear dear Mustardistas I know I sent an encyclopedia-like tome only a week or so ago, and I know we all hate being spammed, so this one will be brief as I can... Not too brief then, thinks you... I just want to explain some things about the Little Mustard Shop. It’s not ready yet but we are working HARD!! Doesn’t everything take three times as long and cost four times as much as you first thought? Why IS that??? This week we are having the step tiled, making stock, pricing things and getting all organized with staff. Hopefully getting...

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Is it too early for a tubful of Christmas cheer?

Dear Mustardistas, What a fine crackly Autumn we’re having! I'm writing this from a little cottage in the hills. Ashdown Forest is just around the corner and there's nothing to worry about but me and the pups. Feeling very spoilt. I’ve two warm dogs on my lap and a cup of tea with hot cross bun on the table. If only I could just reach them. We’ve had two VERY busy weekends at The Gift Centre and Gallery in Abingdon, and the Framing Workshop in Norwich. Six hour stints at the ole signing table. Dedicating prints, drawing in books, having...

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Little Mustard Shop

Dear Mustardistas, I feel I've been neglecting you. Not for good reason - because there is NO good reason for neglecting one’s friends - but for a BIG reason. Or maybe two. In fact THREE! I haven't really been able to say anything about it so far, as nothing is in the bag, and things keep changing, and I don't want to jinx things by shouting all about it before I've got the keys… But I think it is pretty much inevitable now. What else could possibly go wrong? And why do these things take twice as long as you...

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And Another Thing

It's not often I send two of these emails in a month. But there's a lot going on and I wanted to keep you up to date. I know a few people follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more regular updates, but to tell the truth I wouldn't be on any of them at all if I didn't want to communicate with you lot! I'm more at home with handwritten letters. I love doing handwriting. So lets have a catch up! First off, my current show at Panter and Hall, We Came We Looked We Liked the View....

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We Came, We Looked, We Liked the View - Exhibition

Hello dear Mustard Fans,It's with great pleasure I write this email to you. I probably say this every time ( do I say this every time? ) but it's been a crazybusy chaoticallycreative flurry... And I'm so delighted to say, I think it's ACTUALLY going to come together. Even after all these years that's a huge surprise. Really it is.What I'm talking about is my latest show at Panter and Hall, We came, We looked, We liked the View. And the Book, the Merchandise, the Dos...And you'll want to know quickly ( if you're one of those people who like...

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