And Another Thing

It's not often I send two of these emails in a month. But there's a lot going on and I wanted to keep you up to date. I know a few people follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more regular updates, but to tell the truth I wouldn't be on any of them at all if I didn't want to communicate with you lot! I'm more at home with handwritten letters. I love doing handwriting.

So lets have a catch up!

First off, my current show at Panter and Hall, We Came We Looked We Liked the View. Oh, I so enjoyed the Opening Night. I don't say this to be smug, but because I can't often enjoy big social events until they are over with. But for some reason, this one felt different. The work looked rather nice against the gallery's bold dark charcoal walls. It really made the colours pop... Good turn out, lovely people, great atmosphere... It seemed that everything went just RIGHT. Don't you just love it when that happens?

And we are set to do it all again. The same but different. Which is one of the reasons for this second email.

Saturday April 1st 2017. Panter and Hall, 11-12 Pall Mall, London. 11-2pm

The things that will be the same: Same venue, same pictures on the wall*

The things that will be different: It's in the day time, there will be cordial and biscuits instead of champagne, there will be pop up shops, a book signing queue, a silent auction and you will all be in FANCY DRESS!!!

Don't panic. It's not compulsory. I'M not doing it for starters! BUT there are some FABULOUS prizes for the best dressed! Free prints and greetings cards, a Mustard Hamper, and a framed drawing worth 450 pound! I'm looking for a Mustard inspired outfit. There will be free badges for anything from stripy socks and scarves to little round specs, dog collars and 'old lady bonnets'... in fact I see no reason why everyone shouldn't join in a bit! For the more adventurous/imaginative/daft among you, the heavily laden Prize Table awaits!!! The judge's decision will be final. No correspondence will be entered into. But there WILL be a little vid we'll put up on my YouTube channel  afterwards! We are also thinking of doing a Facebook Live Video, photos and hopefully have a bit of fun along the way.

If you are one of those who tremble at these thoughts, worry not. There will be a chance to peruse the lovely limited edition prints with Giles from Collier Dobson, a whole range of gorgeous cards from Ann at ArtPress and exclusive, elephantine merchandise from Nan Mustard and Cadi. All available with or without the stripy stockings.

I will be sitting at a desk signing and dedicating books. For ease and speed, if you have bought an original picture and wish for the back of it to be signed and dedicated then please let them know at the gallery as soon as you can. I will pop in and do all those during the week to save time for meeting and book signing on the day. This way I will get to spend a few minutes with everyone who would like to. The gallery must be cleared for 2pm because of their lease, but I am quick on the draw, and will work hard to please you all. The maximum capacity is 150 people (95 places on the guest list already filled... please contact the gallery direct to book yours). If I work from 11-2pm and there's 150 people that would be 1 minute 12 seconds each. I hope my calculations are correct? But wait, we need to stop at 1.30pm to announce the winners of the Fancy Dress Prize. And THAT is the time we will count up the bids in the Silent Auction...

I would like to give some money to the Little Voice Foundation, a non profit organization working with children, youth and women in Ethiopia. To this end we are donating one of the pieces from the show for silent auction with 100% of the money going to this very worthy cause. Look for the Barber Shop Quartet picture in the ecatalogue. It could be yours for a fraction of its value...

If you would like to place a bid, please send an email with the title SILENT AUCTION BID in the subject bar, to You need to leave your full name and address and a contact number along with the amount you wish to bid. When you email, that bid is a commitment to buy. We are keen to raise as much as we can for this small independent charity. Your money will REALLY make a difference! The cut off time for bids is 1pm on Saturday 1st April. Bids can also be made at the gallery on the day. Look for the very important person with the clip board. And most probably wearing stripy socks.

This email has gone on and on, for which I apologize. Still a couple more things to say...

  • There will be 4 more brand new framed drawings available on April 1st. Five if you count the one on the Fancy Dress Prize table. You'll need to turn up early to bag one of those.
  • There will be around 150 copies of my book available to buy from the show. I can sign and dedicate and make it special for you if you join the queue.
  • The book will be 20 pounds at the show, thereafter 22. Available from Mustardshop at from 22nd March. And available right now from City Books in Hove. There were 1000 printed and once they are gone that's it.
  • Prizes, Tunnocks, Book signing, Popup shops, Silent Auction, have a Selfie with Moses. Come along and get videoed in silly fancy dress for thousands of strangers to see on YouTube. You know you want to.

And lest we get carried away by all these Panter and Hall shenanigans, I have two more gallery appearances this year, and I will send out more details when I know them ... or why not contact the galleries direct?

  • Norwich Frame Workshop and Gallery on 4th November - 1 St. Benedicts Street, Norwich Tel: 01603 616779
  • Abingdon Gallery on 21st October  Contact them here

In all probability I will not be having an Open Studio weekend this year in Brighton. I will be working on brand new pieces for: if you are anywhere near Norwich, Abingdon or Pall Mall on the dates listed, please pop in and say Hello

I tell you what, I think I'll have a weekend in Worthing when all this is over with. You know of any nice BnBs?

Warmest wishes,

Sam Toft

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