'Ey, it's windy out there, i'ntit?

Dear Mustard Lovers,

Well, I say it's windy because all the leaves from my neighbour's tree seem to have ended up in my fish pond overnight. I've been out there with a large sieve this morning trying to stem the damage, and getting cold hands into the bargain.

Is that enough of my moaning, then?

On the work front everything is going brilliantly...

The Mustard 2013 calendar is selling well and I am delighted to see it in the shops. A bit of a dream come true, that.

And I have done some work for a lovely pottery company working out of Stoke-on-Trent, Hudson and Middleton, and there is a set of 6 fine china mugs in production right now! They are full colour Mustards, with individually designed bases, and little words round the top and on the handles. Wouldn't it be nice if they were out for Christmas? Who knows? We're playing the waiting game, but I will let you know once I hear any news. I will post it up on our Facebook group when Nan receives the stock for Mustardshop!

There may be some Mustard stationery in the New Year: Linen half bound journals and address books. You know, quality stuff, that kind of thing. This is preproduction news, mind. They may not even materialise, but the dream is there...

New Christmas cards from Art-Press selling fast on Mustardshop as I write...

Lovely new-and-exclusive organic cotton shoppers to help you carry your Goodies in style. One is a Stanley Philpot Doggie Bag, and the other, not yet up but soon to be, is a Mustard Duck Bill Bassy Puss design. And at £4 each why not use one as an Eco Christmas Stocking?

And then there's a lovely Limited Edition Box from Art Group. I am tremendously excited about this. You can see it in its virtual guise posted up on our Facebook group. Basically it's a box of posters. 15 of them. But oh, what a box! It has been scanned from one of my favourite old suitcases. In fact the very same one that Mr M took on our trip to Africa 8 years ago. And included in the box is a lovely, signed, numbered certificate, as well as a sweet little booklet with exclusive sketches and notes on each picture, straight from my desk at Brown Dog Studio. There will be 1047 of them, retailing for £120. I will have 5 at my Open Studio for personal callers only, but Nan will also have 5 at Mustardshop for mail order as soon as she can get them (probably around 12th December).

And that brings me onto my last announcement for now: My Christmas Open Studio dates for this year are Saturday and Sunday 8th and 9th December 12-6pm. Peruse the brochure at www.aoh.org.uk. We are Venue Number 17... There will be Christmas cards, Calendars, Cotton and Jute bags, 5 Special Boxed Sets hopefully, a whole NEW range of smaller signed mounted prints, all the new signed limited edition prints and 6 new framed pencil drawings (but no other original work as I have had 2 Shows already this year and am worn out!) However if your little heart is set on an Original for Christmas (and a sketch just won't do) please visit:


We are also showing some fantastic work from erwood Prize winning artist Cadi Froehlich www.cadifroehlich.co.uk, plus hand painted boxes and treasures for the kitchen from The House of Solomon Grey www.solomongrey.co.uk. I warn you now, you'll not leave with a penny in your purse...

Of course if you have no pennies in your purse to begin with, please come along and say Hello anyway. We'll have delicious homemade minceypies and mulled wine which you can get your hands on in exchange for a small donation to Sight Savers International. We'll have Hot Popcorn, a £1 Lucky Dip, even a Tombola for those inclined...

AND two Puppet Shows daily... At 1.30 and 4pm... Of dubious quality, but heartfelt and charming. Each lasts around 20 minutes but I have no seats. 'Tis free after all: What do you expect?!

Dying to see you all of course, and no doubt I will be sending another mail shortly including all the things I have forgotten...

Happy Novembers, you lovely people!

Sam Toft x

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