Free Sam Toft picture!* (*competition now over - this is just an archive)

I think December is not too early to talk about buying gifts and Seasonal Shopping?
And many of you have already taken advantage of our Super Seasonal Offers of 2012 calendars (£8.50 for a limited time at, the last few older calendars with 13 smashing quality pictures to clip and frame, Christmas Cards (many sold out now, so you’ll have to send the free e-cards instead!) and the brand new wintery limited editions from Collier Dobson...
But many are also asking about original work (which is both reassuringly expensive and in short supply):
If you can make it to our Open Studio Event (10 and 11 December 12-6pm), we have a few lovely and dear, new originals to buy and view in person.

OOr if you want to surf the interweb, please search these wonderful Gallery websites (Gallerina, John Noott, Art Movement) for new, fully coloured-in, original masterpieces all framed up and ready to go.
But the new and exciting, exclusive news delivered today to your inbox is, that there are 7 rather lovely (and dare I say, conveniently priced) framed, original sketches that can be bought directly from Nan at Mustardshop. These are not in Brighton at the Open Studio but are floating up in the clouds somewhere ready to be delivered to your door pre-Christmas if you are lucky enough to bag one. Please call Nan on 01326 280976 to check availability/postage costs etc, and if you like them at all, please do not deliberate too long...there are 7 only, they are £395 each, and they are small enough to fit into a largish stocking (and no, I don't do commissions).
And I am aware that so many of you cannot make it to the Open Studio Weekend this December.

You will not get to taste the pies, sample the mulled wine and pinch my popcorn. You won't get to see all the bargains and lovely things I'm getting together right now, and I don't know whether our Youtube channel can convey the welcoming atmosphere and slightly hysterical busy chaos that sometimes ensues as people find the last few Christmas cards, or a slightly damaged sold out print at a super discount price. And I guess most of you will not be here for the dotty half price sale 

  • runs between 4 and 6pm on Sunday 11/12/11
  • password required: please visit Facebook page for details
  • does not include original pictures 
  • excludes 2012 calendars and books as 100% of their sale price goes to charity

BUT, I have something very special for you... AN ONLINE RAFFLE!
THE PRIZE: a 21x30cm Christmas Original (unframed, so I can send quickly anywhere!).  It's a version of the perennially popular Small Dog, to be launched as a Christmas card in 2012 by Art Press, usual framed selling price £3000.
Go to my Small Dog Xmas Raffle Facebook page here  

  1. Like the page so you get updates
  2. Share the link with your friends using the sharing box
  3. Donate £5 to a charity of your choice
  4. Leave me a message on the page at the bottom to let me know you’ve done it.  For example, "My name is Chris Cringle and I have just given £5 to Sight Savers. It would be smashing if I won the lovely picture. I have sent ecards to the whole world and all my friends will donate too, so that they have a chance to win such a marvellous prize."
  5. The winner will be posted up on Facebook on 12/12/11, so that you will have a great chance of getting your prize for Christmas if you give me your address sharpish once I have announced the winner.

That Facebook page address again:

Please help us raise more money by sending the free Small Dog at Christmas ecard to friends... Only one Raffle Ticket per person, but I'm sure your dear friends would give you the picture if they won it, wouldn't they?

It’s here (first one on the page):

On your marks.
Get set.
All the very best in Seasonability Factoring,
Sam Toft x

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