Hallo my darlins

Time has run away with me. Again. It does, it just does.

I was going to send a mahoosive update but I have some quick information to impart and will send more chatty news in a couple weeks if that’s okay with you? I don’t want to be Spam in a can. Goodness knows I ate enough of that in the ‘70’s.

My main news is to inform you of the ((Christmas)) goodie sacks at www.mustardhampers.co.uk ... this year’s update of the 2017 surprise stockings. These dear little unbleached cotton calico drawstring sacks give more room to manoeuvre.  My sister is the queen of Christmas (whereas I am a bit of a humbug)... All the love and care and frou-frou going into these treasures has to be experienced first hand. Treat yourself to a surprise for Christmas morning or a order a generous juicy mail order gift for a friend. I’m telling you now so you can preorder. There are 100 small and 50 large available. Well 78 and 45 at time of writing.

The other pressing information are my drawing days at the little Brighton shop. I’m doing 2 days 9th December and 24th November. You can book your 15 minute slot to receive a pencil portrait of Mr Mustard and your pet. £30 cash for charity. 22 slots per day. The catch is you need to travel to our little shop on one of those days with your pet or your photo. And you need to book your slot before they sell out by emailing Cadi on littlemustardshop@samtoft.co.uk

The shop address is 33 Clifton Hill, Brighton, BN1 3HQ

Sending you shenanigans from our vain shop dog Hattie and her humble side kick Roger ( made for us by Hawkes Hounds ). Florence Sweryda installed a CCTV at the shop. All sorts of mischief goes on after dark...  

Speak soon...  about Xmas e-cards, Xmas exhibitions, Xmas colour in postcards, Xmas originals, Xmas installations, Xmas competitions, teapots and doubtless more shenanigans from Florence.

Keep cosy.

Big love

Sam Toft