Hallo Summer

Hallo Summer!

I thought I'd wait for a sunny day to write to you, and now 3 come along at once! And by the time this email reaches your inbox we will have our raincoats out again... I LOVE our English weather!

I have been feeling good and creating LOADS! There are some interesting projects in the pipeline, and I will leak the information just a little bit before I know I should via our Facebook group. But 3 exciting things everybody can know right now...

*Very juicy and exciting Show at John Noott Galleries opens 30 June for 2 weeks **Very handmade and interesting 15 minute Puppet Show at the Gallery on 30 June at 12 noon ***Very lovely and exclusive limited edition prints available soon soon

JUICY>>>The Show is called There and Back Again, and charts my inner and outer journeys over the past year. You can view the Exhibition immediately online at www.john-noott.com, where the sales have already begun!

INTERESTING>>>The Puppet Show features the old faithful Mustard Mascot, and various Automata made with Isobel Smith and Robert Race at West Dean College over the last few years. It does not feature the handquilted masterpiece that hangs half done on the back of my sofa. Will it ever be finished? I secretly hope not.

EXCLUSIVE>>>These very limited edition prints are a bit of an experiment. I have chosen 3 very different pictures from the Show and have had them printed same size in a small exclusive edition of 22. Every edition has a little 4B pencil drawing in the title line, as well as being signed and numbered. They are mounted beautifully and come with a copy of the working sketch on the back. Let me know what you think of the idea (very limited) and the price (£115-£165)... Perhaps I would release 3 or 4 every 6 months or so, and would really appreciate your feedback on that through the Facebook group.

So! I cant hang around here all day, typing on a computer when I could be gardening on the 3 days clear of rain this June that I would like to call our beautiful Summer. Hoping to see some of you on 30th, otherwise, I will get back to work on the other couple of projects. Think Boxes and Drinkies, and if you can't guess, worry ye not as I imagine I won't be able to keep the secret very long.

All the very best to you,

Sam Toft

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