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  • Happy New Year Mustard Lovers!

    I hope the new year is being kind to all of you lovely people out there.

    Here in Brighton there has been plenty of snow, lovely for walking the dogs in my wellies, a good excuse for lighting fires, staying home, learning to crochet and great inspiration for my new paintings!

    Lovely to see so many of you at the Open Studio Days here in Brighton before Christmas. There was a lovely festive atmosphere, a meeting of friends old and new, and plenty of sales to keep the wolf from the door... so thank you to all who were able to make it.

    And if you were snowed in, or live too far away to have made the journey to the seaside last December, here's good news. The lovely Mr Cain was on hand with his trusty camera to make a wobbly video which cleverly captures the spirit of the event... I love it! It makes me want to do Christmas at the studio all over again, but I guess we'll have to wait for that. So make some mulled wine, have a mince pie and join the virtual fun!  Take a look here.

    And yet more good news. Some of the pictures I did for the Open Studio are miraculously still available! They are up on the home page now, and you need to call me on 01273 720660 if you would like to buy one. Otherwise they are good for a peruse with a cup of tea just to see what Mr M was up to in the twilight of the Noughties.

    In the spirit of the time of year (and so no-one feels left out) we are doing a special 3 day SALE on Mustard Shop. Nan Mustard (hardworking and ever generous) has agreed that our loyal mailorder fans deserve a treat. So listen carefully while I say this only once.

    The dates are 25th 26th 27th January 2010

    That's a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday very soon

    If you purchase anything at all from the Mustard Shop on these dates, you will be entitled to choose another thing (of the same or lesser value) absolutely free. None of this buy 3 get one half price nonsense. You could buy yourself something nice, and get another Treasure free for a special gift later in the year maybe?

    You would need to order the thing you are paying for, then let Nan Mustard know what you would like her to send you FREE. So that she will know that you are a special Mustard Customer, and not any Tom Dick and Harry calling for a chat, please use the SPECIAL SALE PASSWORD : say ''Does it come with Humbugs?", and she may well say "No, caller, but can I send you a lovely gift of your choice (of equal or lesser value) absolutely free?"

    Well I hope you will keep her busy. She gets up to all kinds of mischief if not...  Mustard Shop is here.

    One more thing to keep the post Christmas blues away. I am going to send a lovely Original Mustard Sketch (4B on paper)(not framed, mind) to the person whose answer I like best.

    In true cereal box style, please complete the following sentence. 'I would like a little extra Mustard in my life because...'

    The catch is, I would like you to put your answer up on The Real Sam Toft Facebook page, so we can all have a look, rather than me ploughing through my overstuffed Inbox. Answers sent directly to me will not be admitted. Your statutary rights remain unaffected.  Add your answer and read everyone else's here:

    So that's free stuff on Mustard Shop, a free sketch from me, and a lovely Youtube video for you all!  Can you really say any fairer than that?

    All the very best Mustardeenies

    Sam Toft x