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  • It's been a long time, I know

    Hello to Mustard Fans old and new,

    It's not usually this long between updates, is it?

    I've been taking a bit of time off with my dogs, with my home and garden, with the fields and trees, and just generally away from the studio. I have a new friend for Moses Dog too. Little Stanley Philpot (9 1/2 months) is as black and curly and cheeky as you'd like. And probably a bit more cheekier.

    But I'm back this month (tearing myself away from my compulsive blackberry picking - aren't they out early? Aren't there LOADS!?), with some news from Brown Dog Studio.

    First, as I am being asked quite a lot already, there will be no Mustard 2010 Calendar. I haven't produced much new work this year, and do not really have the VAVAVOOM required to design and put legs on the thing, but if anybody out there is interested in funding designing printing and distributing, I would be happy to hear from you!

    Second, I will be having Open Studio come December, the first two weekends I believe. I had a leak while I was away, and am waiting for all the lovely mushrooms to dry out before a major redecorating job....but I reckon I should be all spruced up and ready for visitors here in Brighton just in time!

    And third, I have a pair of lovely new prints to introduce you to shortly (they should be on MUSTARDSHOP soon if not already).

    They're littlies (22 X 16cm image size), in editions of 47 (Mr Mustard's favourite number) and the first 22 of each will have a unique hand drawn figure on the title line.

    * The prints will be all pre-signed, numbered and sent to our International Distribution Central Warehouse in Cornwall from their home in Brighton, where they can be ordered (01326 280 976) and sent out to you wherever you are. Why not buy now while the sun is high in the sky and present your loved one with something "unique au monde" as the nights draw in? Smashing.

    The first features The World Famous Stanley Philpot, along with old favourites Doris and Rover, as they push on by.

    And the second has a jaunty piece of appliqué featuring MacIntosh, the twittery tree bird.

    They are £95 each or take the pair for £175.

    And I'm not saying, you can't say fairer than that, I'm just saying that this offer will be with you until the end of September only. Just let Nan Mustard know (at the International Big Massive Warehouse in Cornwall) that you are one of our especially special mailing list members, and she will sort you out with our very nice discount when you buy two.

    And a little quiz for you special internettie people (and there's another on the Forum section of my website in case you haven't even noticed). Mr Mustard has a racy new coat, any idea what he calls it?

    There will be two prizes (well three counting the bumper goodies prize for the forum quiz):

    • One prize for the correct answer,
    • One prize for the answer I like best,
    • The prizes being Artist proofs of the above prints

    I hope this day finds you as lovely as you left it,

    And I'm glad to be back here with you,

    All the very BEST

    Sam Toft