Jig Dolls and Open Studio Dates Tra la la!

Hello there Mustard Fans,

There's a nip in the air, and a chill in the cheeks as I walk the dogs... I'm getting the hats and scarves and woolly tights out... Thinking about how I shall decorate the house this year, dusting off the fairy lights and eyeing up the shop windows... Wondering what to cook for my Christmas lunch... Clearing up the studio for visitors... And working hard painting little wooden men!

First off, I must say how excited I am about the launch of Original Mustard Jig Doll!

Working with the very talented wood maker, David Samuels, from the Isle of Arran, we have come up with a fantastic piece of whimsy and ingenuity. You now have the opportunity to welcome a very lovely Mustard man into your home, and have him sitting on your mantelpiece! Each little Ernest will be handmade and either hand painted or in kit form, and a limited number are available before Christmas, so if you're not lucky enough to get one, be sure to get on the waiting list for the New Year. Either a painted Mustard or a kit version to paint yourself.

There will be 10 diversely painted and unique dolls at the Open Studio too. I am busy painting them myself, and they are free to see when you come along on Saturday and Sunday, 7th and 8th December, 12-6pm at Brown Dog Studio in Hove. Some may even be for sale as hand painted, signed original works...? We will also have a stock of those lovely mustard mugs, the new 2014 calendar, the lovely boxed set of prints, new prints on wood, new limited edition prints both framed and unframed from the New England Fall collection, LOADS of Christmas cards, the return of our very popular £1 box of bargains, 6 framed original drawings, signed prints, a Wishing tree, lucky dip, mulled wine, my homemade mince pies, hot maple popcorn from Sweetie Haycraft's secret recipe... AND two puppet shows daily at 1.30 and 4pm ( with live drawing extravaganza ) !!!

We will also be showcasing the work of Cadi Froehlich: digital prints, copper tree decorations, and, I believe, unique and very special Mustard copper danglers??! Perhaps they'll be hanging on the Wishing Tree? And then there are the most lovely homewares and treasures for the kitchen from Solomen Grey. Bags, tea towels, mugs, cards... All with the unique vintage style I love so much.

And if you can't make it to our Open studio event, as I know so many of you are far far away, please know that you are thought of and not forgotten. On our Facebook group we have our 12DAYSOFXMAS sale, where we have a competition each day to win a free print as well as getting a daily mailorder bargain. It's well under way, but why not visit soon to join the merriment if that's your cup of tea ? Otherwise we have our free Christmas ecards, so you can spread the joy without felling so many trees, and I will make the Charity donations for you. This year (as most years) it will be Sight Savers and Amnesty International.

Is that it? I think it is.

I have so much to do to get all this ready in time, so please forgive me if I rush off. Thanks so much for all your support over this year (and the rest ). I am ever so grateful.

All the very best to you,

Sam Toft