Let There Be Lights!

Dear Mustard Lovers,

There is so much to say, so little time!

As usual I am in a last minute panic about my forthcoming Show, Let There Be Lights! I am still signing the prints, and making props, but I am sure it will be alright on the night...Won't it???

It is at Avenue, St James and some of the work can be seen already online...it's a miracle! I only finished painting a couple of weeks ago (all the pictures are at the framers, thank goodness) but I think it's a real marvel that anyone can see it RIGHT NOW with the benefit of inter web clouds and whatever here.

The show is inspired by our trip to New England. Why not have a look see? I wonder if any of you will recognise the places we visited, or the characters we met along the way?

For the Opening Reception we are planning some special things for those who can come along. (Please contact the Art Movement here to reserve a place.)

First, there are the pictures hanging on the walls in fresh, limed wood frames. Very New England! There will be the 6 brand new limited edition prints, framed and unframed, voted for by the lovely people on my Facebook group. And I think they made a grand choice. They look lovely, although I say it myself.

They will be available on Mustardshop from the end of next week. And then there will be a Charity Auction, some drawing to music (!) with giveaways, and the ubiquitous Puppet Show. Some new bits, some old bits, and all served with a shaky hand.

The beneficiary of our auction funds this year will be a wonderful little charity working out of Cornwall, England. Family Works CIC aim to make a real difference working with vulnerable families, and as it is a relatively small, locally based charity, any donations will go right to work, helping the people who need it at ground level.

The painting How's it Going, Pumpkin Pie? is particularly apt I think, as dear old Mr M is trying to find a way to help a stranger on his travels, even though he cannot speak Cat... The painting is valued at £1000 and you can bid on the night (at 7pm at the Avenue) or place a generous silent bid by contacting Milly at the Art Movement on milly@art-movement.com or 07973 692 494 and see if you get lucky. In addition, to celebrate the month of October (which incidentally is Mr Mustard's birthday month) from any sales of the new New England Fall Collection limited edition prints (6 of them, and lovely they are too), our proceeds will be sent to Family Works. That's 100% of the price you pay during October going straight to help abused children, homeless youths, parents in need. We will report their winnings on our Facebook group.

And I know that we haven't all got hundreds of pounds up our sleeve, even though we like to help. So go visit Family Works website and send your good wishes through the ether. And if you want to WIN one of our prints, enter our competition! There are more details on our Facebook group where the winners will be announced on September 13th.

Here's hoping that some of you can come along on September 11th to see the Auction at 7pm, the puppet show at 7.15, and maybe a bit of drawing to music in between if there's time. It really would be lovely to see you. And then you would get to see whether Rover (the fish) actually gets to find True Love in the end ...

O, and did I mention the brand new 2014 calendar? Each calendar comes with 3 souvenir postcards from Mr Mustard's travels in New England this year. The postcards are exclusive to Mustardshop and not available for sale anywhere, only with purchases of the fabulous new 2014 calendar from Mustardshop. And yes, they ship worldwide too.

So that's all folks. I need to get back to signing the prints. Can you believe I haven't even finished that job yet? It's because each one has an individual drawing on the title line (A Halting Sight at the Sugar Maple actually has two ) and it takes me absolutely AGES. Three days so far...

So, come say hello if you make it to the Avenue 5-7.30pm 11 September, and please excuse the bags under my eyes. And mind you RSVP by contacting Milly at The Art Movement to tell them you're coming so they know how many glasses of Dandelion and Burdock to get ready...

Thanks for listening, and all the best to you,

Sam Toft

And PS

If you're the kind of person who likes more regular updates, competitions, silly bits of news etc then you'll do well to look up our Facebook group. As I don't find time nowadays to answer individual emails, you can always contact me through this channel as I pick up messages at least once a week here.

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