Love is the Answer, But What Is the Question?

Hello, Mustard Lovers!

IIt's that time of year again, when Valentines Day looms on the horizon...And what are YOU gonna do about it?

Well, we all know that Love is the Answer. I know, because when I walk past my local branch of British Heart Foundation, there are loads and loads of paper hearts in the window, with all sorts of messages handwritten on them. It really is a sight to see. There's PLENTY of lovin' out there it seems!

We have updated the ecards section on the website so there's a few new ones to send to your Beloveds, and why not use this as an opportunity to spread the word?

The word is Mustard.

Let your friends know that they can purchase gifts for all, online at Mustardshop, and when they do, Nan Mustard is going to keep a tally of all sales made on February 14 th. Then, dear Ernest (out of his own pocket money) will send that exact amount to a worthy cause. Which worthy cause? Any you would like to nominate. Let us know via our Facebook group where you'd like the cheque to go.

  1. Send loving ecards...Spread the word!
  2. Spend your/their money with Mustardshop February 14th, and we'll tally up how much that is in total
  3. Nominate where you would like the cheque to go via our Facebook Group. No purchase necessary actually... Just let us know where you'd like Ernest to donate!
  4. We'll let you know where and how much towards the end of February

Other business... calling Louise Waters.YOU ARE THE WINNER of the RAFFLE TO WIN the SMALL DOG at CHRISTMAS original. Yes you are. So let me know you've heard, and we'll work out where and when to send your prize.

And keep a look out for some brand new work, which is being launched mid February, and will be available to peruse on Mustardshop as soon as we can muster (say end of Feb, early March).

A new collection of limited edition prints from Collier Dobson, a whole range of posters from the Art Group, and brand new cards from Art Press.

II am working hard on new pieces for my show at John Noott Galleries at the end of June, so call them up and get on their mailing list if you want to receive a brochure, invitation, general heads up...I think it will be a good Show, and there will be an Opening Reception and everything (bring your own sandwiches).

Thanks for all your feedback about the Mustard cushions, I will be onto that in my spare minutes.

Thanks for being there, Mustard Lovers.

You know we couldn't do it without you, right?

Sending love from us all, to you all,

Sam Toft