Lovely To See You

Delighted to note that Doris sent a fair few of you to the Christmas Open Studio last weekend! We got through 72 mince pies and more than half a gallon of mulled wine, so someone was clearly having 'the good time'...

Industrious as ever, the very lovely Mr Cain has put together a video on YouTube, especially for those of you who couldn't make it.

And Nan Mustard, not to be left out, is offering a special on her new Christmas cards:

  • Order 3 packs and get a free Mustard Bag...
  • Order 5 packs and get 6 packs (as well as the free Mustard Bag) !!!
  • Get them here.

As for me, I'm winding down now for Christmas, catching up on the cleaning (I worked so hard getting the studio together for the show, that my home looks like a bomb's hit it), doing a bit of knitting and baking, and making the Mrs Mustard puppet so Ernest won't feel lonely.

Thanks for all your support this year, Mustard Lovers, I hope you enjoy the video, and keep warm this Christmas!  (The video’s here).

All the very best to you,

Sam Toft x

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