Lovely weather for the time of year

I'm really loving this weather.

It hasn't rained in ages, it's not too cold, and the skies are blue most days...

However, I've just ordered snow chains for my shoes, have my winter duvet at the ready, and the wellies are all cleaned up and ready to go.

I've also been doing a bit of painting here and there, it's not all chit chat you know.

There are some wonderful new Limited Edition Prints out, already available from Mustard Shop even though I only finished painting them a couple of weeks back. It's those hard working people at Collier Dobson. Scarcely have I finished a good un, and they're proofing and printing. The new work has a wintery feel: snow and penguins, fiddles and Dalmations, you know the sort of thing? I'd love to know what you think of them, so please spring into action on that there Facebook group.

The 2012 calendar is finally finished, and you can find it at (and I do not speak of the home of the versatile Scottish songstress, for she is to be found at ). The calendar is published to this interweb site, so that if no-one buys it, no-one prints it, and all trees stay intact. And for a limited time it is available at a special bargain 15% off price. I usually build a charity donation into the price (no profit for Toftie, 'cos its a time of giving and caring...aaawwww!), but this year, as I'm sure we're all tightening our belts a little, I am leaving the Charity Donations to you, and you get to buy the calendar at cost price, plus 13 pence. And there's a little competition to win a sack of post Christmas goodies, but you'll have to visit for that.

We have brand new Christmas cards on Mustard Shop, and totally free ones at Ecards, so you could choose to go virtually card free and save yourself a packet. Most Great Aunts and Grandads have computers too you know, and it saves all that pesky recycling. There are brand new colourful badges as well, so if you don't want to buy a new outfit, you can just update your accessories. Badge up your coat, hat and cardigans! Show your Mustard Fan-ness to the world!!!

If you are feeling flush this Christmas and your loved one just HAS to have a Mustard Original, then look no further than the galleries listed, many of whom have shiny new stock in, and can schmooze you rotten, relieve you of your hard earned, and get something in the post to you before the big day. Or if you are ready for a trip to Brighton, we have Open Studios here on Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th December, 12-6pm. We have been having a Big Massive Studio Clearout and have plenty of bargains, old stock, interesting things, ends of lines, sold out prints etc...I have a few new lovely paintings, lots of prints and cards, calendars, little books and Robert Pattinson. Upstairs from the Studio there are other artists too. Jez Webb and Michelle Chilton will be showing their wares to all who enter thither!

For those of you lovely special people on my mailing list (yes, yes, yes I mean YOU), I am offering a Sillytastic deal. On Sunday 11th December, between 4 and 6pm (the last 2 hours of the last day), everything will be half price. But only if you know the password. So look on our Facebook Group and you too shall have the secret. Any original paintings left will be finding a cosy home with a local gallery, so will not be included in our totally generous and slightly nutty Sale, so that if you have second thoughts about something original you saw and you must have and you missed it, you will be getting them out of bed the next weekend, not me... I notice that many of you think that Sam Toft is a man, so I think I need to be getting a bit more beauty sleep...

I will no doubt be writing to you again in December, so I'll save the Merrys and the Yohohos 'til then,

Thanks for reading and thanks for being there,

Sam Toft x

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