Lucky 13

Dear Mustard Fans,

It's April already!

The clocks have already done their changes (and quite alarming it is, don't you find, when they decide to change themselves digitally rather than waiting for you to push their virtual hands around?) The daffodils are well on their way, and the bluebell woods are already carpeted in a promisingly whiffy green. The weather (outside of the gales and snow) is cheekily sunshining, and at least three skies in the past fortnight have been of my favourite cornflower blue hue. I'd say that was lucky. Lucky 13 in particular.

In case you are not a fan of our Facebook group, and have not been following the progression of my work and various breakfast designs since the New Year, perhaps you will not know about Lucky 13 at Panter and Hall, 10-26th April 2013?

And you will not be receiving an invitation to the Private View on 9th April unless you contact them pdq... Why not have a look and see all those masterpieces you may be missing?

It's been a strange old time recently, as I have been down with a lurgy that so many of us have been flattened by. With my limited energy, I have been picking and choosing my tasks rather, and feel I must apologise for not having gotten around to things I might have done otherwise. Although Nan Mustard has received a bountiful delivery of china mugs with pleasing Mustard designs for example, they have not yet found their way onto our mail order shop. And you should see the state of the back of my fridge... But over the next few weeks we will be updating the stock on Mustardshop to include these, as well as 3 exclusive prints, individually monographed and in editions of just 22. These will not be available before the show, and there is a chance to win one of each on our Facebook group.

As with many of my exhibitions, I really don't know what I'm going to do before I do it. I often have a particular idea that I plan to build a collection around, then start painting and see what happens... But this time I think it was a particular song that was a major starting point. Not just the words, but its exuberance and simplicity. I was touched by its feelings of naïve optimism, nostalgia and regret. And if this exhibition were to have a theme tune this would be it: A metaphor for all that is good and bad in our towns and cities perhaps. A bit whimsical maybe, but as you may have noticed, I've nothing against a bit of whimsy especially if it can help get the message across.

It would be lovely for me if some of you could make it to the Private View as I won't be at the gallery at other times to see you. Otherwise, let me know what you think of the new work via our Facebook group.

Gosh, it DOES rather sound like I'm a bit Facebooktastic, but it's more that I have found myself getting a little swamped answering individual mails. And often people want to know the same type of things, so rather than composing 47 replies or sending impersonal emails, I have taken to sharing thoughts, stories and pictures via our Group, whilst your emails sent in response to this, will receive their replies from my glamorous assistant in a sparkly frock, Cadi Froehlich...

Hmmm, I wonder whether anyone would hazard a guess at the jaunty number that launched our Lucky 13? I'm listening to it right now if your computer thingy has its sneaky Universal Record Playing Sprocket Adaptor plugged in...

Thanks, as ever, for your support. I'd not be where I am today without it.

Be seeing you, I hope!

All my very best,

Sam Toft

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