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  • New Doors Opening

    A little heads up.

    And perhaps a longer letter when there’s more time.

    After 2 years at my Little Shop I am deciding to close up and focus my energies elsewhere. Our last day will be 15th December 27th October. [See Sam's email about the earlier closing date here]

    One of the best things about being self employed is that I get to make all the decisions. And it’s also the hardest thing. I am so sad about losing my shop but a cancer diagnosis can change a person and I’m grateful for the opportunity to reassess my priorities. I love my little shop but it has been so much more work than I ever imagined. And now I’d like to work less hard and have less stress. 

    Whilst I have been ill I have been making pottery dogs, painting wooden figures and automata, doing tiny little drawings in pen and ink. These will be exhibited at the shop from November and I will be making new stock every week. I don’t want to do lots and lots. Just enough to make our little shop look juicy and festive and special. I have not the energy to do the Drawing Days or Meet n Greets as I’d hoped. Not enough stock for mail order. Instead I will work hard at making treasures until Christmas and in the new year we will pack up the shop and then there will be space and time for my new life to begin. 

    But if you would like to see original work there’s still time to visit my shop

    Grateful to friends family publishers and you. So much support and love out there. I don’t really know what comes next. When I do I’ll let you know.

    Warm wishes,

    Sam x

    Little Mustard Shop
    33 Clifton Hill Brighton BN1 3HQ 
    01273 735732

    We are open Friday 25, Saturday 26, Sunday 27th October 10-5pm. We are closing down 5pm on 27th October.

    Until we close our doors you can share and join us on Facebook (Sam) , Instagram (Sam)
    Instagram (Little Mustard Shop)  @samtoftartist @littlemustardshop