No Such Thing as a Free Calendar?

No free lunches either, then?

I actually DON'T believe it!

I am one of those Returnal Optimists. Some things really AREN'T too good to be true. And sometimes we can be only too keen to search for the downsides. So: yes, RIGHT NOW there are FREE CALENDARS at our online MUSTARDSHOP. You still have to pay the postage and packing, but all those high quality full colour images are yours for the taking. You could wallpaper the WC with them even, for that price! Teachers, why not do a project with them at school? Or frame them up and give them as presents? While stocks last of course. I suggest you get on to it straightaway.

If there's anyone left here reading, I will witter on...

I've been spending time away from the studio recently. Looking back, I think I've had one of those visits from the Black Dog. I know it happens to so many of us from time to time. But I'm now firing on at least one of me cylinders. And it's so great to be making a come back. Just in time for the Secret Postcard Auction.

This year the Royal West Academy are hosting a Secret Postcard Auction on 2nd June. Around 300 postcard sized pieces of original art (donated by quite actually very good and possibly famous artists) are available to see and buy from £40 each. I wonder whether you can spot mine? A wink / star of support would be much appreciated, and you could place a silent bid! The postcards are all online HERE from now to 2nd June. And you can even go along to peruse in person, or join us at the fabulous open evening where there will be wine, nibbles and an exciting live auction. All proceeds raised go to supporting the vital work of the RWA, for where would we be without Art? (Tickets are limited. Please contact them soonest if you are interested.) All works are signed on the back and remain secret until purchased… So you may be bidding on the newest Tracey Emin, or alternatively an anonymous Sam Toft (just wanted to get our names in the same sentence. See what I did there?). I wonder whether you can find mine though? Through the miracle of the interweb, everybody can take part near and far, but If you do come along, be sure to find me and say Hello.

Other than my night out in Bristol on 2nd June, I am staying put and working hard towards my next solo show with John Noott Galleries, my first in the Cotswolds for many a long while. And what kind of work will we see there? You will just have to come along to the Opening Reception on 17th September to find out. Or contact them direct to receive a catalogue. I will only be there on the 17th, but the show runs until 30th September.

And my next Pablic Appearance after that is a day out in Keswick at Treeby and Bolton. Me and Nan Mustard will be there in our wellies on 22nd October. For all details and tickets to the event, please contact them on

Now, as a reward for reading right to the end, here's some of Nan's fabulous offers from Mustardshop to keep you going until the barbecue season arrives.

FREE CALENDARS and AROUND HALF PRICE ON A SMALL SELECTION OF LTD EDITION PRINTS. I strongly suggest you go find them immediately on Mustardshop because when they're gone, that's it!

Thanks for sticking by me, dear Mustard Lovers. Apparently, the best is yet to come.

All my very Best,

Sam Toft

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