Then suddenly a calendar appeared...

Do any of you remember Mr Benn? It was one of my favourite shows when I was small, and now instead of the 'shopkeeper' it is a Mustard Calendar that has conveniently materialized in our midsts...

So this is just a short info-mail to let you know where to find it, should you be interested to have a browse. I had so many disappointed emails when I omitted to get round to having a 2010 calendar last year, that I hope with the vision of this one, I will be at least partly forgiven?

It's a 'print on demand' one available only from for £13 (lucky for some) and will someone let me know what it looks like as I don't even have a copy yet. It runs from April 2010 through March 2011 which I thought would be marvellously convenient. You can get it here:

I am working on all kinds of new things at the moment, but more of that later... For now, just let me announce that the winner of the competition to win a signed original sketch is............Joseduardo de la Garza!!!!

Congratulations to him on his inspired entry (number 31 on our facebook discussions page) and many, many thanks to all who took part. As I said, if I had nothing else to do for the next 7 weeks I would be sending sketches to all of you, but hey.

I hope you like the calendar.

I am LOVING the little daffs that are just starting to come out in my Brighton garden right now...Do you reckon that Spring is actually on her way?

All the very best to you all,

Sam Toft

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