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  • Times they are a-changin...

    Dear Mustard Friends,

    Thank you for all your well wishes after the last email about my illness and the closure of my little shop in Brighton. And now I need to write to you again to let you know that the shop will be closing earlier than expected.

    The good news is that I am doing well. I have been blessed with a strong body and it has taken the treatment better than I could have hoped. It was a small but aggressive tumour, caught early so that it had travelled to just one lymph node. Beginning in March with an operation, then 3 months of chemotherapy followed by a month of daily radiotherapy, I am now finished with treatment and on the road to health. My hair begins to return and is currently almost a centimetre long and a fetching shade of violet. I feel tired and emotional but very lucky. I am going to try to keep myself quiet for the rest of the year with a bit of work in the studio and no shows planned for next year.

    I am closing the Brighton shop 27th October. We are open just Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27th 10-5pm here. I am so grateful to staff and friends for keeping it running so well while I have been ill. And although I said I would continue until 15th December, my heart is no longer in it. I want to focus my energies on painting not selling. I will maintain the shop front as a showcase for my work but it will no longer be open for business.

    With the support of my family there is this online shop at It is located in Cornwall and run my my mum aka Nan Mustard. Nan has just turned 78 and has welcomed my sister Louise into the mail order Mustard Shop to help grow the business. Taking advice from our lovely brother Tim, we anticipate a few little changes next year and an increased capacity over the Christmas period. We have just returned from a family holiday at a lovely little beach house on Corfu. We managed to feed the local mosquitoes very well, plus lots of feta and yoghurt for the stray cats. Thank you for your patience while my mum and sister are working through the backlog that built up while we were away last week.

    There will be more news shortly about mail order for some limited and exclusive Little Mustard Shop stock. And perhaps a special offer for Christmas and a promotion from Mustard Hampers... watch this space! It always amazes me how many outlets there are for Sam Toft merchandise when I google my name. And perhaps they are faster and cheaper. But all of the prints and books bought from the mail order shop are signed, come beautifully wrapped, and are sent with love from Cornwall. Soon you will be able to buy the last few enamel badges, self published stock, one or two hand painted jig dolls and a few other surprises. But not yet. The Mustard van has yet to be packed off on its journey from Brighton to Cornwall. You will be the first to know when it arrives.

    Possibly I will run a couple of pop up events at the shop premises in Brighton during 2020. I will let you know if I come up with any ideas. But generally I will be taking it easier and my family will take over with the selling and the mail outs.

    Thanks for your loyalty and patience with us at this time of great change.

    Warmest of wishes to you wherever you are,

    Sam x