We Came, We Looked, We Enjoyed the View - Coming Soon!

What do you think of the title of my new exhibition? I thought it was pretty snappy...

I know it's a while since I've written. I never like to swamp you with too many emails. I so hate getting spammed myself, and this way you can choose how much involvement you'd like. You can tailor your own Sam Toft package! If you'd like more interaction, conversation, up to the minute news, gossip and getting in touch, then join our Facebook family, all welcome, we're a friendly bunch! Or for lifestyle pics, Picture of the Day, competitions and giveaways follow me on Instagram. Then for those little things that catch my eye and want to share maybe, follow me on Twitter. I hope you do. But its horses for courses.

How are you all bearing up in the wind and the rain? I'm really appreciating the actual COLDNESS. It feels like we are having proper Seasons. It gives me a good excuse to work extra hard. And how are we going to appreciate the sunshine without all this endless rain?

So, I had a VERY busy Christmas and New Year, getting ready for my NEW show at Panter and Hall in March. Lots of fresh, juicy work including some that are BURSTING with colour inspired by my trip to Africa, a few darling elephants from my Sri Lanka sojourn, New York street scenes from my many trips to Bognor Regis and lots of the traditional picture stories from along the Prom in dear old Brighty. I know, I know, it sound like I've been a-globetrotting. But if truth be known, it was a virtual journey through my sketch books while sitting cosily in my chaotic studio for months on end. I'm a little bit paler, a little bit tireder and a little bit plumper... I spent November, December and January in a frenzy of creative output. Locked in my studio doing 10 hour days... Let me tell you, I've eaten a whole lot of cake and I'm an EXPERT on The Archers.

The results of my labours can be enjoyed in person from 16th March at www.panterandhall.com, and online a wee bit sooner as the ecatalogue comes out about two weeks before. Please contact the gallery direct if you'd like any further information or an invitation to the Opening Reception on 14th March where I will be there in person to say Hello. We are also in the midst of planning another little do, towards the end of the two week show, and in the afternoon, where there'll be lemonade and iced gems and a chance to have me sign my new book.

My new book?

It's not a big grand thing like my (sold out) autobiography and major tome One Man and his Dog. And neither will it be a big 50th birthday Jamboree like last time. But it will be special.

Having listened to the many suggestions via our Facebook group, I have decided to make a small, square, hard backed, limited edition treasure of a book. To feature many of the pictures from the Exhibition along with some of my favourites from last year. Like a substantial catalogue. For about £20ish depending on final costings...The idea is to do one of these books each year (should time and finances allow) so they build into a little Mustard library for you to collect. I'm still working (blooming hard to meet the fast approaching print deadline!!) on the book so there's no pre-ordering or sneaky peeks. It will be a self published little thing of 96 pages. No Amazon, no chain stores, no mass production. Launched at Panter and Hall, and available otherwise only via our mail order Mustardshop on the website. So that's from mid March. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook for up to the minute news. We will ship worldwide while stocks last.

Another reason to come to the London show is to see the very famous life size sculpture of Sir Moses Brown Dog by Graham Alborough. My darling dog was 15 on November 5th 2016, and snoozes here by my feet as I write, with his dear friend Stanley Philpot. We will be showing the actual sculpture that will sit outside Brown Dog Studio when Moses himself can summon the energy no longer. He will be in the ecatalogue and in the book...

And more news... in case you were at a loss what to buy for yourself or your beloved for Valentine's Day, we have two super limited edition prints just released by CollierDobson and available through Mustardshop RIGHT NOW! They come with a complimentary, specially designed, exclusive-only-available-with-the -print greetings card. Now isn't that a smashing idea? See them in the medium sized section of the limited edition prints or individually here "It's All We Need" and here "It's Only a Pretty Moon". Or if you'd prefer something a little bit MORE complimentary, then there's our ecards including lots of lovey dovey images. And you can use them for absolutely nothing.

So here's your customary recap...
And if that all sounds too much, put your feet up, have a cuppa and please yourself!

Lots of love to you dear Mustardistas

Sam Toft x

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