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  • What have I got to say?

    What have I got to say?
    Well, I popped into a Turkish Barber on impulse last week. I noticed they were open as I was passing with my weekly shop in the wheelie trolley, and so I walked in. In general, I’m a bit scared of new hairdressers, but I suddenly felt an urgent need for a post lockdown tidy up. I sat in the unfamiliar chair with the proffered disposable mask and tried to look at ease. My barber had kind eyes and alarming eyebrows that were made all the more prominent by his huge white mask. The eyebrows were hairless and looked as if they’d been coloured- in with a thick stick of charcoal. Far too high on his head. And immovable. I couldn’t take my eyes off them.
    He didn’t have much English, and what he had was muffled behind the mask. He seemed eager to get started though, clippers in hand, even before I’d had chance to discuss the intricacies of my New Look. Somewhere between a Rosemary’s Baby Mia Farrow and a Jean Seberg in A Bout de Souffle. I hadn’t got a lot to work with but I was definitely hopeful of something more sophisticated than a 1970’s skinhead. My eyes scanned the price list. A dry cut would set me back nine pounds, cash only. The barber was busy plugging in the clippers. I looked at the back of his head which was nut brown, mercifully devoid of eyebrows and instead shaved dangerously close. Was I in the right place?
    Sitting here now, safe in my little garden haven writing this, let’s just say I can definitely feel the wind around my trossachs. I’m starting to wonder whether I should’ve splashed out on the £10.99 Deluxe Service.
    I’m sorry, I felt I just had to share that experience. Especially as I’m bothering you with another email so soon after the last. But I see quite a few have joined the list since last time and I wanted to remind you of what’s coming up, and a little new news besides.
    First off, I’m DELIGHTED that our Anything is Possible Collection was so well received. The wooden crates for the ten large pots are being stenciled as we speak at Pottery Gagliano, and the entire collection - a collaboration between myself and master potter Roberto Gagliano - will soon be shipped out. The Pottery Studio is open once more at limited times with new precautions, so soon I will be there again starting work on a fresh collection of small dogs for our October Show at Little Mustard Shop Brighton. I have donated two from the Doris Fruit Salad Collection to a Pottery Gagliano Crowd Funder which ( unlike the ceramics at the October show ) can be sent straight to your door by Roberto. Keep your eyes peeled on the Social Media to find out when that goes live. Or contact them direct to ask about details of all the amazing pots donated by the Pottery Gagliano family at
    My main reason for writing is to let you know about our small post-lockdown Art Show online. Eight small new original paintings -sold unframed, carriage paid and reasonably priced- will be available at from 6pm BST on Friday 17th July 2020.  I wrote "GMT" on some social media posts.  I meant BST, British Summer Time, the time it is now.  To convert to your local time, go here and enter your location where it says "Add another city or time zone."
    In addition, should you be in the market for original work, the piece from the latest release by limited edition print publishers Collier Dobson, Looking After Eachother, is available from Braithwaite Gallery in York for £3950. This beautifully framed original painting is being sold to raise money and awareness of mental health issues. There's an image of the print on the site already.  A photograph of the original is coming soon.  If you're interested, call them on +44 1904 655707.

    Particularly pertinent right now as I know lockdown has been so emotionally challenging for many people all over the world. Never was there a better time for looking after each other. A spot of kindness goes a long long way. And Mustard fans are among the kindest people I know. But of course, not everyone has a spare four thousand pounds so the lovely people at Braithwaite’s are running a Raffle!
    Ever keen to offer something at a range of price points, Braithwaite Gallery have the last few of the specially REMARQUED Artist Proofs for £295 (I made extra individual drawings on the title line for the gallery); signed numbered mounted limited edition prints for £135; a raffle at £2 a ticket for Artist Proof number one (which has a unique set of drawings on the title line), and all of this will be raising valuable funds for MIND.  See them all here.  Scroll down for raffle details in the description and/or follow The Braithewaite Gallery on Facebook.
    Dates for your diary include:
    • THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN: online art sale of 8 original unframed samtoft paintings at from 6pm BST on Friday 17th July 2020. (Convert to your local time here by entering your city or time zone here.)
    • THE SECOND LITTLE ART SHOW at LITTLE MUSTARD SHOP Brighton 11th 12th 13th October 2020 and online from one week before at A stunning collection of brand new framed originals, drawings, ceramics, bronzes Private View by Invitation only
    • LITTLE MUSTARD SHOP BONANZA EVENT at LITTLE MUSTARD SHOP Brighton on the weekends of 5th and 6th December, and 12th and 13th December 2020 where we will sell off all the remaining stock from when the little shop was open daily: 2021 Calendars, mugs, jigsaws, jig dolls, signed prints, books, catalogues, greetings cards... Bargains, unique items, end of lines, piled high. RAFFLE, LUCKY DIP, PET PORTRAITS, ALL YOUR FAVOURITE THINGS! No online sales. This event will NOT go ahead at all should there be another lockdown. Keep your eye on social media for updates.  Facebook. Instagram.
    • ONE MAN SHOW 7th-24th September 2021 at PANTER AND HALL, 11-12 Pall Mall, LONDON SW1Y 5LU (unless the sky falls in, obvs).
    Lastly, I hope you like our moving Be Who You Be picture animated by Soon to be a free ecard on this site under "e-cards" to brighten up somebody’s day without spending a penny. You’re welcome.