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  • Hooray It's May!

    Okay so we had a bit of rain on the Bank Holiday here in Brighton, but we've just had 3 weeks of marvellous crisply clear sunshine, and for that I am eternally grateful. My broad beans are growing up a treat.

    Here in my dear old home town, we have the most wonderful Brighton Festival on at the minute. Dance, Theatre, Comedy and Artist Open Houses during May... And I love it!

    I'm very busy preparing for a show in July at John Noott Galleries in Broadway, Worcestershire (please get in touch with them direct if you'd like a brochure) and so to give me and the dogs a bit of time to enjoy the Festival, we are having a rest from opening Brown Dog Studio this year.

    But we do have some lovely treats in store you'll be glad to hear!

    On 17th May we will be having a Virtual Private View here online on t'internet. These very special 6 small pictures have just been finished and are heading to the framers as we speak. They are very lovely and there are only 6.

    I will also hopefully be launching prints of these pictures, both because they are gorgeous and because there are so few...

    • Four will be handmade screenprints
    • Two will be giclee prints
    • And then there will be six hand screenprinted drawings.. Hopefully.  I am so excited about these screenprints. I hope we will get them finished on time but please bear with us. It will be 17th May or soon after. And I have a sneaky feeling they will be worth the wait...

    17th May will also see lots more signed poster prints on Mustard Shop.

    Large ones, small ones, long thin ones... Out of Africa, Sri Lanka, Brighton and Hove... Good prices, nice pictures, new sizes...

    And another thing, we have a special offer 17th-21st May. Order ANY three things from Mustard Shop and don't even bother paying for the cheapest thing. Just tell Nan Mustard when you call that Doris sent you. You will have to call Nan to take advantage of this astounding offer, as Paypal just CAN'T keep up with our generosity.

    And if you are more time rich than cash rich, or if you feel like lending a hand, get on down to our Facebook group where there will be lovely prizes during May for a few lucky people who give us feedback.

    Good or bad. Please let rip. Visit the Discussion Board at The Real Sam Toft for more details..

    I'll send another mail soon just to update about the byootiful screenprints and a reminder of when the 6 original pieces are available for sale.

    And now it's time for walkies.

    All the best to you,

    Sam Toft