Original Mustard Jig Doll


I am VERY proud to present this Original Mustard Jig Doll... This is right up my street!

Working together with two very talented makers, we have brought dear Ernest Hemmingway Mustard to life as a wooden doll. A little like Pinocchio, he has no strings, but is supplied with a removable wooden dowel for superlative jigging action. And for those of a more sedentary nature, he is equally at home sitting on your mantel piece or posing as a bookend... What a conversation piece!

Each doll will be handcrafted by David on the Isle of Arran from tulipwood and birch ply, both of which are sustainable timbers. This is not a toy made in bulk from one of those lovely factories in China. This is the genuine article, carefully produced from renewable resources and robust enough to dance the night away for years to come. Your very own Mr Mustard will move, sit (and hum?) in his own idiosyncratic way.

The Original Mustard Jig Doll will be individually hand-painted in Brighton by Cadi, who will furnish him with his traditional scarf, copper rimmed glasses, and a cardboard hat brim. Every doll will be a complete original as each of the wooden heads are hand turned, each leg is hand striped, and all dolls are thoroughly whistled to before dispatch. For Cadi is the mistress of the tuneless whistle...

Each hand-painted Original Mustard Jig Doll and stands (with your assistance) at around 13 inches (330mm) tall.

The price includes FREE POSTAGE in the UK.  If you want delivery overseas, please email Cadi at samtoftwoodendolls@yahoo.co.uk

SMALL PRINT - This jig doll is not a toy. It is made of wood, acrylic paint, screws, wire and cardboard. It contains small parts for choking errant dogs and irresponsible adults. Small children should go nowhere near, apparently.

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