Xmas Stockings


Order yourself a Stocking for Christmas! Or send one to a friend, as all stockings will be marked DON’T open until 25th DECEMBER...

Surprise contents (£27.50 worth of exclusive wrapped Mustard Goodies, plus £5 of stocking fillers) and a free stripy stocking.  If you want a pair you’ll have order two!!

Each stocking will contain a postcard sized framed picture signed by Sam. Stock-in-a-Box can be sent worldwide from December 1st 2017 but there are only 500 being made and once they are gone they are gone!

Stockings £30 each plus £5 postage within the U.K.

For all Stock-in-a-Box details, including multiple purchases and international delivery times please contact The Professional Stocking Stuffer herself, my lovely sister Louise, at mustardgoodies@samtoft.co.uk