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We have a Shop under "Buy Prints" on this site, a Club, a YouTube channel, a Blog, free ecards and a community gallery space in my hometown in Brighton. This is a small family business where I just do the pictures, while my mum and sister run an online shop from a little garage in Cornwall, and my brother helps keep us all on the straight and narrow. If you’d like to sign up on our email list you’ll receive quarterly updates… or if you’d like to be more involved, why not look up our Club at ? However you found us, I am delighted to share with you my Wonderful World of Mustard.

I first met Mr Ernest Hemmingway Mustard meandering along the Prom at Brighton. I’d not lived here long and was intrigued by this eccentric figure wearing an oversized Macintosh, stripy tights and a strange wide brimmed hat a bit like that of an old-fashioned preacher man. Kind curious eyes peered at me from behind wire rimmed spectacles and he held a small plump dog on the end of a long string. I’m afraid it was love and first sight.

Ernest is a quiet man, not a shy one, and once we started talking the conversation flowed. Sitting on a bench gazing out to sea with his little dog nestling between us, from time to time he’d reach into a well stuffed pocket for a handful of toffee humbugs which he carefully unwrapped and fed to the little dog. Apparently the wrappers were not good for her and got stuck in her throat.

She’d turned up on their doorstep as a stray. He’d guessed her early years had been spent on the wild and windy streets, fighting the seagulls for old bags of chips and pizza crusts left by day trippers next to overflowing bins. In fact it was her tipsy leggies (after eating a whole packet of discarded cherry brandy truffles) that had caused her to fall down the stairs of their not so damp basement flat on the Brighton Hove border all those years ago. And Violet, his dear lady wife, named her Doris Jane after her late mother.

Ernest is one of those people you warm to right from the start. I said that I’d love to share his stories with a wider audience, and as I’m more of a painter than a writer we decided there and then that I should become his official picture maker. And with his generous spirit and my flaky little paintbrush we bring you a whole world of Mustard (which we think is Wonderful). Come on in, you’re all welcome. There’s so much to discover and we hope to make you smile. We even got a little Club.







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Sam doesn’t get out much. Like Mr Mustard she generally prefers to keep things simple and dedicates a lot of time to creating things that can be enjoyed freely wherever you live. Join us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest News

DOG and BONE gallery

Brighton’s smallest Open Submission gallery is housed in two lovingly restored red phoneboxes in Powis Square up a steep hill but not too far from the sea. Monthly shows are carefully curated by Amber Elise and Sam’s dear little gallery is one of Brighton’s hidden treasures. You can follow on social media, visit in person or put forward an idea for your own show. Contact


For the true Mustard fan who wants to be bang up to date with all the latest news, we have a Little Club.

Now in its third year, the ethos has always been to keep things small and special, generous and well considered. Limited memberships, Special Events, Club discounts, Priority Access to our online shows at and a unique opportunity to see your pet in one of my new paintings.

The delightful WELCOME BOX makes an ideal surprise gift for yourself and will fit conveniently through a large letterbox PLUS And for the Mustard Lover in your life, How about a Gift Membership?


Our online shop is run by Nan Mustard from her garage in Cornwall. Nan gets younger everyday and loves packing things up nicely and trundling down to the local post office with her little trolly. Specialising in exclusive self published prints and old favourites, here you will find things you won’t get anywhere else. Sam has sneakily drawn little original sketches on most of the prints Nan has in stock. They’re officially called remarques and Nan has the largest collection available. Expect nicely wrapped parcels, steady service, lots of love and a surprise gift with every order. You’re welcome x

separate website for all your gifting needs run by Sam’s sister Louise at


including paintings, bronzes, ceramics and jigdolls

These shows sell out quickly (often within hours) so please sign up on our email list at the bottom of this page to be the first to know when sales go live. To help avoid website crashes at these busy times, we are now operating a Priority List including Club Members and all Previous Buyers from samtoftoriginals

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