• In The Time Of The Changing Of The Seasons

    Hallo Lovelies!

    Greetings from a busy busy studio by the sea!

    How’ve you been keeping?

    Well, I hope?

    Me? I’m feeling healthy, strong, and very grateful for that.

    I’ve been working away, keeping my head down, focussing on making things rather than the social media, so I’m sorry for the lack of postings.

    My newest newest News is that I have just (2 weeks ago) decided to make a new book… self publishing some of the quick little pen and ink drawings from this year’s sketch book diary for the first time. It’s a bit mad because I have so much else going on, but I couldn’t resist. Available from late November. And at the Show of course, more of that later.

    I always find it a strange, sad and exciting time, this change of Seasons. Is it just me? I’m never ready to move on, but I know I’ll love it when I get in the swing…

    Every day I walk with my dogs down to the studio. A short walk with the sea at the bottom of the hill. It’s a bit lovely. But every day I witness the plaintive cries of the almost-grown baby seagulls as they pester their parents to give them food. I know it’s nature but I always find it heartbreakingly sad. It has not yet occurred to them that a change is coming. They are only asking for food as they always have done, and it’s always worked before. But it’s time to move on. Things will never be the same for them again, and that jump from babyhood to adulthood can be a brutal one. It reminds me of the changes we have all been through over the last 18 months. It’s been shocking and awful and we’ve had little control over it. We’ve all been through it. And I’m hoping in time we will soar again. I feel it coming. But in the meantime I offer you a big virtual hug. It’s a time for finding pleasure in personal treasures. And I hope looking through some new pictures may brighten up your day too.

    I feel I should add a fanfare here as I am DELIGHTED to be back at Panter and Hall again this November. This solo show (cancelled once for cancer, once for Covid) feels like a comeback even though we’ve never really been away. Do you know what I mean?

    And as I have had to cancel my Little Mustard Shop show, this is the only opportunity to view original work in a gallery this year. Paintings Drawings Bronzes. And I’m planning a little book of drawings, sketching my life and times in the run up to the show. I’ll know more in a few weeks when I’ve finished the drawings. Neither have I finished the paintings. But three brand new bronzes are on the way. Blummin exciting.

    The London show runs from 23rd November to 3rd December. The work will be so fresh and new! I will be in the gallery two of the days and I really hope you can make it for the Private View on Tuesday 23rd and/or for the Grand Day Out on Saturday 27th. But if you can’t, there will also be a short film and an ecatalogue… Contact Panter and Hall direct if you are interested in buying and you’d like to receive the ecatalogue in advance. Or if you’d like to attend one of the open days. Once I have finished the paintings in a few weeks I will have some time and space to dream up some fun things for the Saturday event and I’ll send another email with all the details.

    I’ll leave you now and get on with my sketchings. I have Milo coming to make a short film Thursday and Innis coming to take some pictures Friday so obviously the most important thing is deciding which frock to wear and giving the dogs a good brush,

    All the very best,

    Sam x