• The Long Chatty One

    Hallo Lovelies out there,

    I don’t feel right talking about Christmas until December really...

    Is there anyone out there who warms to the sight of a fully laden Christmas tree in October? Does anyone like making Festive preparations while the leaves are still attached to the trees? And much as I LOVE mince pies, if I eat them for 3 months, will they lose some of their Yuletide yumminess? Am I bit of a Humbug? Well the answer to the last one is Yes I’m afraid, but there’s someone in my family who is Christmas Crazy. Someone who has made me at least one stocking every year since I had a Santa confidence crisis (about ten years ago). Someone who will tirelessly wrap gifts into the wee small hours (drinking enormous cups of weak tea) and who never tires of peeling sprouts. I am so fortunate to have a lovely sister with the child still alive within. And what a perfect idea it was for her to start a hamper business. I hope you can give her your support at www.mustardhampers.co.uk

    Anyhoo. I hope this email finds you well? I hope you enjoyed our little video in the last? Florence is so talented. I’ve known her since she was a wee little twinky in a corduroy pinafore and stripy tights. She hasn’t changed a bit. Don’t tell her I said that cos she’s all grown up now. I’ll be posting her latest film on Facebook.

    It may sound strange but I’m making my New Year Resolutions earlier this year. I think maybe I could start a trend...? Don’t you find by New Year’s Eve often you’re “not quite so imaginative as you could be” and let this wonderful opportunity pass? I love creative visualisation, setting goals, making things happen. But I’m a people-pleaser (as so many of us are) and even though I’m self-employed and am managing to support myself and my loved ones, I find it easy to tire myself out by needlessly doing too much. At my age this is not going to change overnight but I’m trying. I’m resolving to do less of what is draining and more of what is sustaining. In 2019 I’m hoping for less travel, fewer public appearances, no commissions. More free time to paint what I like, make sculpture, write stories and take long meandering walks with the dogs. More baking, more gardening, more time to think. And when I can clear a space to think, all sorts of magical ideas drop in. Here’s hoping!

    Fame and Fortune

    Sitting here all quiet in my messy studio by the sea it’s easy to forget how big this samtoftartist brand is getting. I feel comfortable and happy with my small and cosy life but am delighted that my work spreads far and wide. Mr Mustard is taking on the world! I see on social media that there are lots of fans now in Korea and Japan, America and Australia, Europe and Canada, and lots of places I can’t pronounce. I have no idea where all the outlets are, but if you want one in your town you could do worse than asking your local store to stock my work. It’s quite nice, some of it.

    We have mail order on my website run by my mum from a little garage in Cornwall. She stocks all the favourites. Much more than we have space for in the shop. Everything signed, special, authentic, beautifully wrapped and sent with love. If you want the full range of ACTUALLY everything in publication or want to become a stockist, please contact my publishers direct from the list on the website. They all do mail order and they are all good people. They don’t have Nan Mustard’s special touch of course but who else does? She is offering a free calendar with every limited edition print order during November. If you’re desperate there’s always Amazon. I hear they have everything under the sun and it’s very convenient for most people. And I always receive a ha’penny for EVERY poster you buy. Don’t you worry about me.

    Love and Friendship

    The most important thing. The thing we all need. It’s what keeps us all going. I also think it’s the secret behind the continuing success of my work and for that I most grateful.

    And I must apologise right now, because I may no longer find time to answer all your emails individually. There are so many and I am so busy. But I am heartened to witness the growth of our Facebook group. An informal chat room where people can post their photos, see mine, swap opinions, offer support. It’s a way to communicate with like-minded people the whole world over. I love it. And it takes the pressure off me and the team answering queries individually.

    I feel very lucky to have you as my fans, dear Mustard Lovers. You are simply the best. Better than all the rest. Better than you’ll ever know, but you know I love you so...

    Don’t go changin’

    Sam x